I have recently watched this short film on Facebook that I thought would be great to share with all the volunteers here in YMCA Vietnam. The film is about a man that always keeps his hands inside his pockets, intentionally ignoring people that are in dire need of his assistance.

One day, an old lady held his arm so she can cross the street. Her fragile legs are not capable of walking briskly. As they walk on a pedestrian crossing, the traffic light shifted from red to green light. A car is coming their way fast and has no intention to stop. The man was forced to wave his hands so the driver can see them. They reached the other side of the street, the old lady gave the man a pinch on his cheek to show gratitude and appreciation for what the man did for her.

The man then starts to realized how it feels to help another person. He then began sharing his hands to reach out to people who are in need. He gave a portion of his time to help out and and give back to the community. The man is now happily swaying his hands as he walks with a smile on his face. On the same street, where he met the old lady, he saw a man with his hand on his pockets. He saw himself before on him, so he pretended to be a blind guy who needs his help crossing the street.

At the end of the film, an anonymous person added a message that says

We all have the ability to be kind but not all of us choose to be. Make someones day better, put in effort, and you’ll learn just how far a little bit of kindness can go.

This is just a piece of reminder to always be kind to each other and help out when we can, a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

CGI Animated Short Film: “Mr Indifferent” by Aryasb Feiz | CGMeetup